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Bristol Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Did It Help Me Sleep?

Background To The Purchase

sheila and tony on wearyall hill
On Wearyall Hill

In October 2022, my partner and I visited Glastonbury in Somerset and found ourselves walking around the outside market in the old bus station that stands right by the ruins of the Abbey.

As you might imagine if you know Glastonbury, the market there was not a typical English street market because it had stalls selling Mesopotamian Soaps,  different mushrooms, vaguely occult carvings, witch supplies, a few crystal stalls and an amiable man selling CBD products.

He was called Adam, and he was wrapped up against the cold, but very engaging.

Elsewhere I talk about my specific phobia, which is of driving on motorways, particularly fast, busy, multi-lane ones with lots of interchanges and trucks hurtling along at 70mph nose to tail on all four lanes.

This is what we had just done. My partner had driven, but I was still uneasy during the journey. She had some CBD gummies that she’d bought in a shop in Kirkby Lonsdale about a month previously and told me to take one of these.

My previous adventures in cannabis had been in my teens, but I took one — it was that or alcohol, and I didn’t want alcohol, so…

And it worked. I found myself calm, joking and pretty chill, until we got to Gloucester, where it wore off.

Anyway, this next day we found ourselves in the market and I spotted Adam and his Bluestone Remedies CBD stall. I nearly walked by, but remembering the benefit I’d got from the dummies, and my ignorance about CBD products (which I was surprised to find were now legal!) I started to talk to him.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Bristol CBD Oil Review
Bristol CBD Oil (much used)

Product Profile for Bristol Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I bought a tincture of Bristol Full Spectrum CBD Oil, which comes in a spray pump bottle. There is 2000mg of oil and it has an organic lemon essential oil to flavour it, though you can get it with a natural flavour. The CBD content is 10% and you can get different strengths.

My partner bought 20mg dummies, but I am not reviewing those here.

The oil is extracted from Sativa Gold cannabis plants. (See comments on indica versus sativa here).

To take it, you give 1-2 squirts, which is an equivalent of around 20mg CBD oil, depending on how hard you squirt!

You place it under the tongue (sub-buccal administration) and allow it to absorb without swallowing if you can. If you swallow it, that’s fine. It will just enter your system later through your gut rather than through the quicker route of mucous membranes in your mouth.

Bristol CBD Oil
Bristol CBD Oil Contents

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol comes in three principal forms. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is an extract of the cannabis plant that includes other compounds like terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum CBD products may also have up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that makes people feel “high.” But such a small amount isn’t enough to make a big difference in how you feel.

Broad-spectrum CBD is the third type. Broad-spectrum CBD contains several naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but usually not tetrahydrocannabinol.

Since the Bristol CBD Oil I use is full-spectrum, it contains a small amount of THC.

So Did It Help Me Sleep?

I am blessed with an obsessive nature, so for about four years I have been recording various numbers about my health every day. This allows me to compare my sleep from period to period.

Quantitive Data

November 2021 – No CBD Oil

CBD November 2021
November 2021

November 2022 – taking Bristol CBD Oil Every Night

CBD Novemeber 2022

I am not pretending this is a scientific study, and there are other factors at play here, not least that I am several pounds heavier in November 2022 and have been less physically active.

The weather was wetter and warmer! My mood is about the same – it’s out of 10. 

My average sleep hours for that week in November 2021 without CBD Oil were 7.38 per night, while my average deep sleep without CBD oil was 0.29

My average sleep hours for that week in November 2022 with CBD Oil were 7.51 and average deep sleep hours’ per night 0.29.

It’s a small sample. 

Looking at the entire month of November 2021 (without Bristol CBD Oil), my nightly sleep average hours were  6.49 and average deep sleep hours were 0.35.

For November 2022 (with Bristol CBD Oil), my average sleep hours’ per night were: 7.52 and average deep sleep 0.44.

With the smaller sample it suggests that I am sleeping better with CBD oil, and with the larger monthly sample, it looks like I am definitely sleeping longer and deeper with the Bristol CBD Oil.

Qualitative Data

I feel much better since taking nightly CBD oil. I feel more rested than for a long while. I seem to get deeper sleep and I feel much more relaxed. Taje it or leave it, that’s my subjective judgement.

Effect of Bristol CBD Oil on Anxiety

As you will see from the background to the purchase, the reason I bought the CBD oil tincture was to help me with my motorway anxiety.  It did that. I won’t see it completely removed it as we were manoeuvring round the motorway junctions around Birmingham and then Manchester, but I was not freaking out. I was able to remain calm and did not feel panicky or distressed, despite being aware of a low-level hum of anxiety.

I don’t really suffer more anxiety than most when I am not on a motorway and since taking the CBD oil; I am not conscious of being anxious at all. I feel relaxed and calm.

Effect of the CBD Oil On Pain

I see from testimonials that this CBD oil is said to be effective for chronic pain, but I do not suffer from that, and so can’t comment.

Side Effects from the CBD Oil

The first morning I took the tincture, after about half an hour, I noticed a slightly space-out feeling where there was an element of derealisation that lasted about fifteen minutes.  I guessed it was the CBD oil, and on researching it, I figure it was probably my body being unused to the small amount of THC in the full-spectrum CBD oil.

The second day, again after about half an hour, I got distinctly panicky and had to leave the cafe and stand outside for five minutes. I could control this with a bit of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy — ‘where’s the evidence that there is a threat to you?’ Etc. There was no evidence.

The panic subsided, and I have had no anxiety at all since taking the CBD oil, other than the low-level hum on the 300 mile journey on the motorway which I mention above, but nothing since.

Would I Buy Bristol CBD Oil Again?

Yes! I am going to. I got it from Bluestone Remedies.

Online Store

And the guy who sold it to me at Glastonbury Market was so knowledgeable and so helpful and personable that I will buy the Bristol CBD Oil from him for sure.


This is not a sponsored post. I bought the CBD oil with my own money. I have received no incentive to promote this product. As I said, I will buy this Bristol full spectrum CBD Oil again, with my own money and think it is well worth it for the sense of well-being and calm I have. My guess is that this arises from just sleeping much better and more deeply, but it may also be from the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety effect) of the CBD oil.

See this article here for more about that.

indica vs sativa anxiety

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