drugs that cause tremor

Which Medications Can Cause Shaking and Trembling?

drugs that cause tremor
Drugs That Cause Tremor

Drugs That Cause Tremor

If you have the shakes, then it is worth knowing what drugs cause tremor or trembling. It is well-known that some prescription medication and some street medication can cause shaking, trembling or tremor.

This can be because of

  • Overdosing on them
  • Being Prescribed or Taking Too High A Dose For You
  • Withdrawing from some drugs
  • Interactions Between Medications You Take

The Most Common Drugs That Cause Tremor

These are the Most common medications that can cause tremor

Medication Type


Heart Drugs

Amiodarone, procainamide, mexiletine.


SSRIs/SNRIs, amitriptyline

Thyroid Medication


Seizure Medication or Mood Stabilisers

Valproate, lamotrigine, topiramate

, lithium


Salbutamol, salmeterol


Cocaine, amphetamine,

Legal Street Drugs

Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine

Antipsychotics and Movement Disorder Drugs

Haloperidol, tetrabenazine

Gastrointestinal drugs



Thyroxine, epinephrine


Prednisone, Dexamethasone


Tacrolimus, cyclosporine

Drugs That Cause Tremor

What Can You Do To Reduce Tremor From Medication

If you are using more medication than prescribed, please reduce what you take to the prescribed doses to control tremor.

If you are taking exactly what you are prescribed but still trembling, speak to your doctor about reducing the dose, or prescribing an alternative.

If you are trembling after alcohol withdrawal, if the shakes get too bad you may be in danger of having a seizure and you should take enough alcohol to reduce the tremor, but not more.

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